Join Now - FAQ

Are Characters and conversations private?

There are privacy settings on Characters you create, and options when you post, that control whether that content is public (visible to anyone) or just visible to you.

Can character creators see my conversations?

No! Creators can never see the conversations that you have with their characters.

How do I delete things?

You can manage all the things you’re creating in the app, including deleting chats, Characters and accounts!

What about NSFW?

We advocate the open spirit of the Internet, and we do not restrict the content of NSFW.

How is the consumption of tokens calculated?

Each word generated by AI consumes one token, including chatting and character creation.

how to unsubscribe Pro and Pro+ membership?

If you pay by paypal, please check in your paypal; if you pay by credit card, please visit the following address to unsubscribe:

How to create a new character?

Please refer to the NSFWCharacter gitbook: